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Living Plant of the Month

December - Amaryllis

The list of 12 plants is realized in cooperation with FloraHolland. Jointly decided which product in any month is covered. The selection takes into account a number of criteria. A product may only once every three years to be promoted in order to serve as many product groups. To ensure a good availability to at least four farmers who grow the plant and placed in a period of seven months are well supplied. Also the promotional period matched to the availability in the market.

The products in the campaign the Living Plant of the Month 2017 are the following:

January - Ficus benjamina
February - Exclusive palms (Cycas, Livistona, Caryota, Rhapis)
March - Bromelia
April - Banana Plant
May - Inside-outside plants (Calla, campanula, Celosia, Platycodon, pot lily)
June - Men Plants (Codiaeum, philodendron, Sansevieria, Schefflera, Scindapsus)
July - Kalanchoe
August - Aloe
September - Alocasia
October - Clean Greens (Ivy, Nephrolepis, Potgerbera, Spathiphyllum)
November - Cyclamen
December - Amaryllis